Bike Stolen and recovered

My bike as stolen 2 nights ago and the police weren’t interested and have done precisely jack to catch them or recover the bike.  I’ve had to go out looking for it, speak to neighbours and ask about CCTV myself.  I’ve got it back now albeit with the wiring loom hanging out and I’ve spent all yesterday afternoon rewiring it but it fires up again

If you have yours stolen don’t wait on the police helping you, get out immediately and check around your home within 300 yards, every unlocked garage, passage, shared car park, unoccupied or derelict property; as the thieves push it off and hide it somewhere close in case the police have been called and actually decided to attend so they’re not caught with it. Mine was casually parked in a shared car park of some flats 1 street away where no one would notice a new bike or know who would or wouldn’t have one in the flats. I spoke to one guy who said he wondered who’s it was but had no reason to call the police. 

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    Seriously, it goes for everything from bikes to cars and other stuff as well.
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